Positive body image - rethinking strategy, messaging & marketing
30th November 2016, London

A ground-breaking event championing the
commercial & social value of promoting positive body image with aspirational messaging & responsible marketing

Key stakeholders at one event engendering change.
Fashion, beauty, & media alongside charities & campaigners. 
Be there.  Be you.


For ages 'ultra-thin, tall, young' was the only image of 'beauty' portrayed by the media.  Now high-profile fashion brands, publishers, retailers and cosmetics manufacturers are starting to re-evaluate their ideals of beauty and 'perfect' body.  Different shaped models have emerged; media campaigns celebrate the diversity of beauty; social movements towards positive body image disrupt the status quo.  Yet in the face of change, controversy also rages around the promotion of 'bigger' sizes and the 'glorification' of body imperfections.  As trends change and consumer become more self-aware and vocal on social media, our messaging needs to keep up. 

It's time for brands and businesses to lead the way in promoting body image, personal acceptance and the beauty of diversity.   This conference is about reflecting and respecting consumer views, needs and differences and providing a forum to determine an agenda for change.


Key themes

  • What is the value of positive body image campaigns?
  • Papers, magazines, blogs and beyond - ensuring responsible messaging
  • Harnessing social platforms to become nurturing networks
  • Setting regulatory guidelines

Who's attending

  • Marketing, advertising, general managers, C-level executives across fashion, beauty, media and publishing industries
  • Creative marketing, advertising, PR and social media agencies
  • Government, charities, campaigners and journalists

Speakers - announced soon

  • A leading cast of speakers spanning top fashion & beauty retail, publishing, brands, charities, government and campaigners will be announced shortly.