“What motivates me is showcasing how and why business leaders can achieve commercial growth while delivering a positive impact. Be You Talks was one of my first steps towards this goal.” Stephanie Rosilio, Be You Talks Founder

Be You Talks Story


Be You Talks began life as a series of events tackling issues close to my heart – women’s body image and ways in which women could boost their confidence. Our most recent industry event set out to show why and how a more diverse representation of body image can have a positive commercial impact – we gathered case studies from leading brands proving sales uplifts resulting from their more diverse advertising campaigns.

What became clear from these events was the appetite for the business community to do good, behave responsibly while still enhancing their bottom line.

I had already qualified as an NLP coach (2009) and after the Be You Talks event series I knew it was the right time for me to put my coaching skills into action and work with such thought leaders wanting to bring their big visions to life. More about my coaching here.

In Spring 2019, I am launching the Why Good Works Podcast. The Show expands the scope of the Be You Talks events and showcases how and why a “good” approach to business can also impact bottom line positively.

Associates and Partners

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In 2016 Marianne Sladowsky joined as co-director of Be You Talks Events. Marianne is a campaigns and external communications specialist with a background in Westminster politics. She has campaigned on a variety of areas over the years, including issues facing women in society today. She has always been passionate about increasing the confidence of women and girls and brings a wealth of experience and skills in communications and campaigning to the event.

Be You Talks work with select partners and associates on projects on an ad hoc basis.