Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure (...) We are all meant to shine.
— Nelson Mandela

Imagine if you could..

  • Find time, energy and ways to focus on what excites you most

  • Formulate your key messages and visions for sound business growth

  • Be more vocal about your views, ideas and methodologies

  • Create a magnetic personal brand to influence your target audiences

  • Get total clarity on your roadmap and critical milestones

  • Tap into your superpowers (natural talents) and take massive action

  • Experience success on your terms

As your coach I ensure you get what you want right now. 
No waiting. No procrastinating. Now is your time.

The Best You 1:1 coaching programme triggers you to be the outstanding person you know you can be.

Rise Up #BeTheBestYou

Best You allows you to rise up in 3 gears:

1. Focus on what you want

  • Clarify why you want what you want

  • Explore what is holding you back

  • Unblock your blocks

  • Find your best time and stress management tools

  • Design your roadmap to include timings for your critical milestones

  • Get accountability to stay on track

2. Find your zone of genius

  • Identify why you do what you do best

  • Play to your strengths and unleash your unique superpowers

  • Pay attention to what gets you excited

  • Be authentic and design your own leadership style, viewpoint and vision

  • Implement your own effective leadership style based on your value system and desired results

3. Rise up

  • Be unapologetic and vocal about your ideas, capabilities and action plan

  • Showcase your unique qualities and viewpoints

  • Become a master of effective communication

  • Grow your influence and positive impact

To sign up or enquire about my Best You 1:1 programme, schedule your Discovery Call today.

Programme outline

Sessions are completely bespoke and tailored to meet your specific needs. Below is an outline of what we can focus on.


  1. Leadership style and growth. Set standards, project management systems, leadership structure and style.

  2. Mind blocks, fears and tensions. Explore your blocks, fears and tensions to work out a solutions-based approach.

  3. Time management. Uncover your bespoke toolbox for you to trigger high performance.

  4. Brand building. Develop your core message and a framework to tackle your specific challenges.


  1. Mindset mastery. Allow your passions to rise to the fore and focus on your vision.

  2. Leadership skills. Inspire and motivate your dream teams and audiences.

  3. Roadmap to success. Critical milestones to achieve your specific goals.

  4. Confidence. Techniques to keep you at top performance.

  5. Magnetic personal brand design. Attract your ideal clients – on target for desired business and personal growth.

Time plan + Value add

  • One initial strategy session – 2-3 hour face-to-face session to scope out objectives and agree an action plan

  • Eight fortnightly coaching sessions – either face to face or via calls (up to 90 mins each)

  • Detailed summary notes provided after every coaching session

  • Unlimited email access

  • Emergency calls in between sessions, when required

  • Additional ad hoc coaching support in preparation for specific activities

  • An invitation to take part in the next Be You Talks podcast and feature in the marketing campaign running up to launch and after – details to follow

Why work with me?

As a certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Executive Coach I help senior executives and thought leaders rise to the fore by sharing my unique business experience and passion for helping build confidence in individuals.

Driven by my own desire to make a positive social impact and experience lobbying for the diverse representation of women in advertising, I offer fresh ways for visionary executives to create ‘growth for good’ business strategies to inspire social good for long-term transformation. Read more about me here.

My work and approach to coaching has been featured in The Guardian, Huffington Post and Management Today.


"Over the course of six executive coaching sessions, I was taken on a journey that empowered me to feel confident in my own authentic style of leadership - having 'found my voice' I can now grow my influence as a thought leader. I'd recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for high levels of professional development."


“Stephanie has made me transform my thinking in just a couple of sessions. I really didn’t expect the change to happen so quickly and I am now looking forward to achieving all my goals this year with Stephanie’s continued support. Bring it on !”


“Stephanie is an amazing coach. From the very first session, she intuitively seemed to simultaneously identify and diagnose both the acknowledged and unacknowledged barriers holding me back professionally. I now feel positive I will step up and obtain the role I want.”


“Stephanie exceeded my expectations - using her detail-oriented and empathetic approach, she helped me become the best version of myself. Not only did Stephanie help with key decisions around my transition, but I’ve now got an arsenal of tools to draw on for anything from motivating and leading a team to ensuring I stay happy and prioritise the right things in life. Highly recommend working with Stephanie”


“I moved industries and took a significant step up in terms of my role and responsibilities. Coaching helped me understand the narrative of my career, identify the personal and professional values that define ‘brand me’, as well as reframe my fear as curiosity. Through posing simple questions and offering thoughtful reflections at timely moments, coaching empowered me to unlock the answers I already had within.”


"I have been meeting with Stephanie for a few months and she has really fuelled my motivation and kick-started my creativity. She has helped me define goals, implement strategies and fine-tune my management style to be more effective and more importantly, more inspiring. I have looked forward to my sessions and have found her feedback helpful towards making positive change and growth."

CREATIVE DIRECTOR, TECH COMPANY (Client wants to stay anonymous)