Coaching for business leaders and visionnaries on the rise

Brand You - Be Exceptional and Make Your Mark

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Brilliant Executives want to make their mark.

I've developed Growth Catalyst coaching programmes to equip you with the tools to make your visions come to life.

Having launched, positioned and marketed many brands and services, I now work with talented individuals and teams to nurture the power within us to inspire change and growth. Finger on the pulse, I work with movers and shakers on the rise to amplify their voice, grow their influence and achieve high performance. 

As a change-maker, I followed my own passions and set up the Be You Talks Events an organisation to hold high-level events to raise the profile of key social issues.  Most recently, 'The Body Confidence Event' championed for a more diverse representation of women in the media and across social networks and gathered business leaders, politicians and campaigners to explore strategies to achieve positive social impact.

Growth Catalyst Coaching Programmes - To Achieve Exceptional Personal Growth.


I get to know you, your vision and your values and design programmes for you to:

  • Be inspired and inspire others
  • Tap into core values to develop 'brand you'
  • State your vision for change and growth
  • Understand your trigger buttons to operate in top gear 
  • Increase your credibility, impact and influence 

Together we can

  • Uncover your highest ambitions
  • Identify what is holding you back
  • Break down barriers for you to 'step up' 
  • Optimise your mindset to be brave and innovative
  • Create your magnetic personal brand
  • Design a clear roadmap and build a daily practice