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“I really didn’t expect the change to happen so quickly and I am now looking forward to achieving all my goals this year. Bring it on!”


Ideal for
Founder, director, C-level or senior executives within start-ups or small to medium size businesses

In the process of setting up the foundation for further growth, you are juggling many balls, pulled in various directions making it hard to focus on delivering on your plans.

Do you want to

  • Grow and scale your business?
  • Be a more inspirational leader?
  • Raise your public profile?
  • Get accountability to stay on track?
  • Deliver on your big goals?

UPSCALE offers you a chance to

  • Find out what’s really holding you back and ways to overcome your mindset blocks
  • Reconnect with what you are best at A.K.A “your superpowers” to work within your zone of genius
  • Strengthen your leadership style to inspire and motivate your dream team
  • Create a magnetic personal brand, attracting your teams, your peers, your clients / customers 
  • Grow in confidence to achieve your targets for business growth and scalability
  • Get accountability to ensure you action your plans
  • Easily access your optimal mindset
  • Do what is most important to you


Ideal for
Senior executives within start-ups or corporates

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"I was taken on a journey that empowered me to feel confident in my own authentic style of leadership."


The scenario
You are a senior member of the team. You are a driven, ambitious and visionary executive. You are ready to magnify your visibility among your peers and be top of your game. You want to amplify your voice, be an inspirational and motivational leader and ensure your ideas are implemented and deliver results.

Do you want to

  • Step Up - Let your high value rise to the fore?
  • Sharpen Up - Be inspirational, credible and influential?
  • Change Up - Get buy-in on your ideas?
  • Move Up - Get your promotion or new role?

RISE UP empowers you to

  • Reconnect with your core motivating force and question what drives you and what excites you
  • Explore what is holding you back from rising higher up and find techniques to melt away your ‘blocks’
  • Define and expose your core strengths and amplify your voice
  • Unlock each of your team member’s unique assets to help them inspire, motivate and deliver on meaningful goals
  • Hone in on what is important not what is urgent
  • Formulate your own zen work ethic - practice simple stress and time management tools that work for you


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“Coaching helped me understand the narrative of my career and identify the personal and professional values that define ‘brand me’."


Ideal for
Business executives, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs

Are you a C-level leader or mid-senior level business executive looking to raise your profile and increase reach, visibility and credibility? An entrepreneur on the cusp of launching a new product or service? A junior executive looking to build a powerful executive profile?

Designing ‘Brand You’ is a must for ambitious, big-thinking business leaders and entrepreneurs wanting to make their mark.

Do you want to

  • Stand out and make sure the light shines on you? 
  • Confidently state what you stand for, why you do what you do and what you care about?
  • Showcase personal attributes that only you can bring to the table?
  • Share your viewpoints and to benchmark methodologies?
  • Develop your authentic profile?
  • Tie-in the pieces of your "story" to design a magnetic 'brand you'?

BRAND YOU programme allows you to

  • Define your ‘sweet spot', what are you great at and what gets you excited
  • Find your 'why': what you stand for and what you care about
  • Discover your 'how': what is unique about what you do? What is powerful and meaningful to your audiences?
  • Affirm how you'd like to be perceived by your audiences: your seniors, peers, reports, team members, clients and potential customers
  • Smash limiting beliefs about yourself
  • Uncover your deepest dreams and core motivating drivers
  • Understand strategies for removing barriers for your personal growth
  • Formulate authentic and irresistible messages apt to delight your audiences.