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“I really didn’t expect the change to happen so quickly and I am now looking forward to achieving all my goals this year. Bring it on!”



The scenario

Sharon was setting up the foundations to enable her tech start-up to grow fast. She was juggling many balls and being pulled in various directions, making it hard to focus on delivering on all her plans. She wanted to develop a more effective and nurturing leadership style, as well as learn simple stress and time management techniques.

Sharon was also growing her profile as a leader in the technology sector, advocating the benefits of female leadership within a traditionally male-dominated sector.

Key goals

  • Grow and scale her business to meet aggressive sales targets while retaining a sound ethos and culture

  • Be a more inspirational leader

  • Raise her personal profile

  • Get accountability to stay on track

  • Deliver on big ‘scale up’ goals

Best You 1:1 empowered Sharon to:

  • Find out what was holding her back and how to overcome mindset blocks

  • Reconnect with what she is best at and work within her ‘zone of genius’

  • Strengthen her leadership style to inspire and motivate her teams

  • Create a magnetic personal brand to influence industry peers, clients and press

  • Grow in confidence and achieve aggressive targets for business growth and scalability

  • Access an optimal mindset via specific techniques that worked for her

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"I was taken on a journey that empowered me to feel confident in my own authentic style of leadership - having found my voice, I can now grow my influence as a thought leader"



The scenario

Arthur is a senior team member at leading fintech start-up Curve. As a driven, ambitious and visionary executive, he was ready to magnify his visibility among his peers and be top of his game. He wanted to amplify his voice and be an inspirational and motivational leader to bring out the best in himself and his teams.

Key goals

  • Be more outspoken about his industry views, desired business ethos and value system

  • Develop a nurturing leadership style to empower his team members

  • Raise his personal profile among industry peers

Best You 1:1 empowered Arthur to:

  • Reconnect with his hard-wired motivations and find what most excited him

  • Explore and unlock his mindset blocks

  • Develop an authentic leadership style in harmony with his value system, business ethos and personal strengths

  • Sharpen his communication skills to ensure effective implementation of his ideas

  • Detach from the need for positive feedback

  • Feel more comfortable taking risks

  • Define what he stands for and amplify his voice


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“Coaching helped me understand the narrative of my career and identify the personal and professional values that define ‘brand me.’




Chloe was stepping up her career and making a bold move from a purely commercial world to a high-level public sector role that would enhance her sense of purpose and fulfilment. In making this transition, Chloe wanted to re-define ‘brand Chloe’ to guide her and find ways to smash her inner demons.

Key goals

  • Showcase personal attributes that only she could bring to the table

  • Develop confidence to share her viewpoints and benchmark methodologies

  • Tackle the new management dynamics and communication challenges

  • Tie-in the pieces of her story to ensure cohesion and a strong, attractive personal profile

Best You 1:1 empowered Chloe to:

  • Define her ‘sweet spot’ – what she is great at and what motivates her

  • Develop a new identity, highlighting her views and what she cares about

  • Affirm how she'd like to be perceived by her audiences: her seniors, peers and those who report to her

  • Formulate an authentic and irresistible personal brand

  • Smash limiting beliefs and tackle her inner fears

  • Uncover her deepest dreams within the new role and her core motivating drivers

  • Understand strategies for removing barriers for her personal growth