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I thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural Be Real Talk on why body size does not matter. This is a topic that touches and affects us all as women and increasingly as men. This is a very topical subject matter and the evening was fun, inspiring, stimulating and moving with speakers ranging from psychologist, journalist, entertainer, stylist, to comedian, poet and artist. It left me with more food for thought.
— Anna Abramowski
The high I felt from this evening was far more than anything the eating disorder gave me and is lasting a hell of a lot longer!
— Vicky Ann Smith
This event was quite simply inspirational, entertaining, well organised and crammed full of information. The variety of women speakers made this important topic very real, but in a positive way that everyone could relate to in one way or another. Well done! Looking forward to the next one.
— Suzi Abensur
It was great to be in a room full of like -minded women to hear such a brilliant line up of speakers who were passionate about the subject. Dr Linda was a great opener and totally inspiring. I loved Sarah-Jane’s talk interspersed with her. Deborah Frances-White should be in everyone’s list as the comedian to see - amazing night! When’s the next one?
— Lorna Wiltshire
An amazingly entertaining and thought-provoking evening. It way exceeded my expectations both in terms of the quality of speakers and how fascinating and diverse the content was - I’m really looking forward to their next event!
— Katrina Jacobs-Sarig
Be Real Talks is a truly inspiring series of events. The innaugural event on Why Size Doesn’t Matter at London College of Fashion on June 4th was a welcome change to the messaging we normally receive from the media. I found it both very informative and extremely entertaining.... the excellent selection of presenters made the audience take a deep look at their relationship with their bodies, in a fun and unique way.

I applaud the creators of this important initiative and look forward to attending more talks in the future.
— Kim Arazi
I came away from the BeReal talks with a spring in my step and feeling two inches taller. A fun event with a feel good factor
— Sarah Roberts